Madeley All Saints' - Egerton Tomb, North Transept

Around the top edge of a large alabaster altar tomb in the North Transept (showing much evidence of the prevalance of the graffito artist in past centuries) is the following inscription:

Hic jacent corpora Randolfi Egerto[n]'1 armigeri et Isabeli2 ux[oris] sue qui quidem Randolfus (obiit septimo die maij anno d[omi]ni mo cccccxxiio et)3 predicta Isabella obijt ...... die .. anno d[omi]ni mo ccccc...4 quor[um] a[n]i[m]ab[us] p[ro]p[iti]etur d[eu]s amen.

Here lie the bodies of Randle Egerton Esquire and Isabel his wife. Randle died the seventh day of May in the Year of the Lord 1522 and the aforesaid Isabel died the .... day ... in the year of the Lord 15 .. May God have mercy on their Souls. Amen.

1 Mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme in 1495/96, 1497/98, 1500/01, 1516/17, and also probably in the year of his death, 1521/22, thus dying in office. (The Mayoral years ran from October to October at that time.) He was from a long established family in Wrinehill.
2 Sic, this is a masculine ending. Note the inconsistency of spelling with the second line. Isabel was the daughter and heiress of Robert Hill of Hownhill.
3 The words in round brackets are no longer discernible on the tomb itself, but are recorded on a late Eighteenth or early Nineteenth Century engraving beside it, headed:


On the North Side of the Church is this fair Monumt of Alablaster"5

Curiously, the first side of the inscription is shown with such clarity in this engraving that the ĉ dipthongs of Isabellĉ (carved as Isabeli), suĉ (carved as sue) and prĉdicta (predicta) are clearly shown, as is the missing n of Egerton.
4 Provision was made when the tomb was carved to insert the later date of death of Isabel, but for whatever reason this was never done. We assume she was actually buried with her second husband, Edward Littleton.
5 Sic

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