The text and suggested translation below are from St Margaret's, Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

This is work in progress and subject to amendment.

Hic juxta situs est JOHANNES SNEYD Armiger
Filius natu minimus RADULPHI SNEYD de KEEL, et FRANCISCAE Filiae Dni JOHANNIS, et Sororis
Dni ROBERTI DRYDEN de ASHBY Canonum, in Agro Northamptoniensi Baronettorum.
Qui utriusque Parentis sanguine illustris,
Ab utraque familia Virtutes, a Dni ROBERTO DRYDEN Fortunas amplas accepit;
Haeres non Degener.
Forma Corporis, et Animi Dotibus conspicuus,
Egenis Liberalis, Cognatis praecipue in rebus angustis summe Munificus.
Qui ea erat Indole, ut Maximo cuivis muneri sufficeret,
Ea tamen Valetudine, et Modestia, ut in privatae Vitae Otio latere mallet,
Ulcere infeliciter maligno correptus Obiit Mart XXIII Ao. Dom. MDCCX Aetat. suae XXXII

RADULPHUS SNEYD de BISHTON, Patruelis ejus, et ex insperato Haeres conscriptus
Marmor hoc Posuit.

Near here is buried JOHN SNEYD, Esquire,
youngest son of RALPH SNEYD of KEELE and FRANCES daughter of Sir JOHN, and sister
of Sir ROBERT DRYDEN of Canons' ASHBY, in Northamptonshire, Baronets.
He came of illustrious blood on both sides,
and inherited excellence from both parents, and from Sir ROBERT DRYDEN an ample fortune.
He was not an unworthy heir.
He was marked out by his physical beauty and mental gifts.
He was liberal to the needy but especially generous to those relatives who were in the direst circumstances.
He had the ability which would have been equal to any task, however great,
but his ill health and modesty were such that he preferred to lie hidden in the seclusion of a private life.
He had the misfortune to be struck down by a malign ulcer and died on the 23rd day of March in the year of Our Lord 1710
in the 32nd year of his age.

RALPH SNEYD of BISHTON his paternal cousin who was unexpectedly made his heir,
set up this monument.

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