Some members of the Branch, mainly those in the Latin reading group, are currently undertaking a project to record and translate Latin Memorial inscriptions in local churches.

The links below include several to pictures from St Margaret's, Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, with which we started our present work, and suggested entries for Latin memorials are also given. In other cases only the text and translation are provided, without any accompanying illustration of the memorial concerned, but several on which we have recently worked, such as Ashley, Broughton and Swynnerton, include text and pictures as examples of work in progress. Having undertaken work to prepare that part of the project relating to the modern Borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme for publication, in Summer 2008 we moved to investigate remaining sites within the City Boundaries of Stoke-on-Trent.

Those wishing further information or to include memorials from their own church in the project are invited to contact the Branch . The current working list, for the North West of the County, appears below, including those to be attended to next.

Grid References are from Pevsner's Staffordshire, in the Counties of England Series


Churches to be checked for Latin Inscriptions and, if found, translations to be made:-

Ashley, St John the Baptist 7030a) Rededication plaque 1904 b) Meynell Chapel dedication c) Giberne tomb- Completed
Audley, St James 8050 Four - transcription and translation currently in hand
Betley, St Margaret7040 None
Biddulph, St Lawrence8050
Blurton, St Bartholomew 8040
Broughton, St Peter 7030Six visible inscriptions (2 others covered) - transcribed where legible. Some photographs supplied. Completed
Burslem, St John the Baptist8040 None
Butterton, St Thomas8040 None
Chapel Chorlton, St Lawrence 8030 None
Hanley, St John (closed)8040
Horton, St Michael 9050
Keele, St John 8040 Completed
Leek, St Edward the Confessor 9050William Mills Memorial - Completed
[See also a Hartington inscription related to the above from Leek.]
Longton, St John the Baptist8040 Demolished
Madeley, All Saints 7040a) Completed - Egerton b) Completed - Offley c) Completed - Shaw
Maer, St Peter 7030None
Mucklestone, St Mary 7030 Completed - Chetwode Monument
Newcastle-under-Lyme, Holy Trinity8040 None
Newcastle-under-Lyme, St Giles8040 None except small plate on Pelican Lectern
Norton-in-the-Moors, St Bartholomew 8040
Porthill, St Andrew8040 None
Rushton Spencer, St Lawrence 9060
Standon, All Saints 8030Two inscriptions - to follow
Stoke-on-Trent, St Peter ad Vincula 8040 a) Completed - Poulson b) Completed - Stamer
Swynnerton, Our Lady of the Assumption 8030 Fitzherbert tablet - Completed
Swynnerton, St Mary 8030 None
Talke, St Martin8050 None
Whitmore, St Mary and All Saints8040 None
Wolstanton, St Margaret8040 a) Completed - Tyson   b) Completed - John Sneyd   c) Completed - William Sneyd   d) Completed - Ralph Sneyd  e) Completed - Unnamed  f) Completed - Bennett
Wolstanton, St Wulstan8040 One, Completed

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